Dakota Murphey

A Brighton based writer with over 15 years’ experience writing for magazines, news outlets and local companies.

Inspired content writing focused on growing your online presence

Having written for various companies over the past five or so years, I now specialise in 1000 word (or so) articles that concern anything from business culture to travel and food.

Please get in touch to find out if I can write for your business.

What I offer

All types of written content, but most commonly:

On Page Copy

Optimised content to help your pages rank for what drives you the most business.


Insightful, well-researched and on-topic articles that will get your business' message out there.

Press Releases

Concise, message-driven content that delivers the news that you wish to share with your target audience

Let's talk about what you'd like

I am a specialist in on-page, optimised content as well as in-depth articles for many aspects of business and lifestyle topics.